September 2018 Newsletter

Building and renovation special 

Freshen up with contemporary accessories

Are you tired of plain, old-fashioned looking switches and power outlets? The Clipsal Saturn range of accessories will add a contemporary touch to your home.

Saturn comes in a variety of colours, with a stylish glass look to complement modern surfaces such as glass kitchen splashbacks. The light switches include LED rings around the switch so you can select whether the LED ring is set to indicate:

  • If the light is on – ideal for outdoor and balcony lights
  • If the light is off – handy for finding the light switch in the dark
  • When a heated towel rail is on

The push button switch mechanisms are hard-wearing with labelling options making it easy to remember what each button does.


If you’re tired of rummaging around to find a USB charger, the Clipsal USB Wall Charger is a neat way of charging multiple devices and can be retrofitted to complement your decor.

For truly clutter-free charging, try the Smart Shelf. It can hold two smartphones or one tablet at a time, eliminating cluttered benchtops while your devices are charging.

Get smart at home

Going ‘smart’ with your home adds convenience, comfort, security and energy efficiency. Retrofitting options for existing homes are now a reality.

Nero is an affordable home control range which allows you to retrofit your home using as much or as little technology as you like. To control your smart home system, all you need is a smart phone or tablet (either Android or iOS) and the My Nero App.

If you’re considering going smart, the team at Ku-ring-gai Electrical can discuss an electrical plan to suit your needs and budget.

Simple strategies for comfort and convenience

Small things can enhance your home’s liveability:

  • LED strip lights under servery benchtops and overhead cupboards will add light in existing kitchens.
  • Sensor lights in walk-in pantries and wardrobes will make it easy to find what you want without the worry or expense of leaving the light on after you’ve gone.
  • Heated towel rails for bathrooms are now available in low voltage so you can put them anywhere – even in the shower!
  • For bathroom lighting, adding lights around the mirror will eliminate shadows, making shaving and make-up application easier.

If you’re thinking about renovating or building, get the right advice on all your electrical and lighting options from the team at Ku-ring-gai Electrical. We’re here to help you with all your home and office wiring needs.

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