January 2022 Newsletter

Hey! Matt and Pat here.

Happy new year. We hope 2022 is a year filled with fun, family and friends.

We’re on the tools after our Christmas break but we know many of you will still be on holidays. So here is a little light reading about electricity. We’re sure you will impress your family and friends by sharing these fun facts with them.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs

7 Shockingly interesting facts about electricity

For some light summer reading, here are 7 shockingly interesting facts about electricity so you can astound your family and friends.

  1.  Electric eels are a type of fish that produce electric shocks for hunting and self-defence. It’s reported these eels can generate up to 500 volts per shock. While this can harm humans, a single static electricity spark can average 3000 volts. No wonder they hurt!
  2. Lightning is an electrical charge in the atmosphere. A single lightning bolt may only last a second but can measure as much as 3,000,000 volts. Lightning can travel 354,055,680 kph and can reach temperatures of approx. 29,982°C.
  3. Here’s another amazing lightning fact. One bolt of lightning could power 100 lamps for 24 hours.
  4. Have you ever wondered how geckos climb walls? They use electromagnetic force which is generated by hundreds of microscopic hairs that grow on their toes.
  5. According to energyrating.gov.au, LED bulbs use 10Watts of power compared to old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs which use 60Watts of power. That’s a saving of approx. $16 per year for every bulb switched on for just 3 hours. That’s why we love and recommend installing LED light bulbs. They’re also really safe to use outside.
  6. Before powering your home, electricity travels from the power plant to high voltage switch yards. From there it travels along transmission lines to substations. Then it travels through distribution lines to transformers and into your home. That’s a long way. No wonder it can take a while to restore power after a damaging storm.
  7. Some of our organs are powered by electricity. In fact, on an ECG machine, the regular spikes you see are showing the electrical impulses that cause our heart muscles to contract.

While this article was fun to share with you, remember, electricity is serious. That’s why we only use quality electrical fittings and products that meet Australian Standards. Don’t ever try to do your own electrical work. Call us instead. We can provide an on-the-spot quote and will be available to do the work immediately if you would like to proceed straight away. We also follow all COVID safety regulations.

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