December 2020 Newsletter

Hey! Matt and Pat here.

Christmas is just around the corner. For many of us, it comes with a mixture of excitement about our holidays and a rush to get things done.

Pat ticked one thing off his “To Do” list this year. He recently got married. Congratulations Pat and Destyni. To see what else is happening behind the scenes and for inspiration on what’s possible for your home, follow us on Facebook.

At Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service, we take your family’s safety seriously. So in this newsletter, we’ve included a few Christmas safety tips plus a special offer for the first 10 people to book us for January.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs

Silent Night, Safe Home

Don’t cut corners in the excitement to deck your home with Christmas lights. It could jeopardise the safety of you, your family and guests. To help keep you safe, here are our top 5 safety tips for Christmas.

Tip 1: Christmas trees and lights
If you have a Christmas tree with built-in lights, make sure they
meet the Australian safety standards. Look for an approval
number or compliance symbol. It’s the same with any Christmas
lights you buy to decorate your home.

In addition, be cautious about where you place your Christmas
lights – keep them away from flammable materials like
curtains and couches.

Tip 2: Do a safety check first
When you unpack your Christmas lights, check for any damage, wear or tear. In particular, you don’t want to see frayed cables or loose plugs. Also check for loose or missing globes and only replace them with the same type and voltage. Better still, if your Christmas lights are getting a bit old, go to places like Bunnings to purchase a new set. It could prevent a house fire!

Tip 3: Ditch the double adaptor
Don’t be tempted to use double adaptors to accommodate your Christmas lights or additional appliances such as bar fridges, kettles or slow cookers. They’re so dangerous, we won’t have them in our own homes and we recommend you dispose of yours as well.

Tip 4: Replace your 240V Christmas lights – they’re too dangerous
The problem with 240V Christmas lights is they aren’t earthed so you won’t know there’s a problem until you touch them. You don’t want that! Instead, replace your 240V decorative lights with LED ones. They are usually good value and safe – especially if you have young children around (your own or visitors).

Tip 5: Protect your power cords and powerboards.
Want your home to sparkle inside and out? Don’t load up your powerboards with multiple external lights. Ask us to install external powerpoints. They’re usually easy to install, more convenient and much safer. Plus, you’ll probably find them very handy throughout the year.

If you’d like some extra powerpoints – inside or out – or beautiful garden and path lighting for summer, give us a call on 0418 442 578 or email to arrange your appointment.

Can you imagine playing 72 holes of golf in 1 day?

That’s just what newlywed Pat is going to do to raise money for the Cancer Council of Australia as part of their Longest Day fundraiser. While Pat loves golf, he’s a bit worried. It’s expected he will cover approx. 40km around the course. “I’ll probably die!”, says Pat.

But he’s doing it anyway, with a few mates, to raise money for a great cause. Let’s hope the weather is kind on the day.

You can support Pat and the Cancer Council here.

Happy Holidays!

We’re taking a break. Our last working day is Thursday 17 December. We’ll be back on 4 January. We hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe and bright Christmas.

Remember, we’re already taking bookings for next year and the first 10 people to book an appointment in January will receive a 10% discount.

Merry Christmas

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