April 2019 Newsletter

11 things everyone should know about storm safety

Over the past few months, Sydney has been hit by a number of bad storms. Lightning, heavy rain and strong winds can affect our power supply and put us in physical danger. So what should you do to weather those stormy days and nights?

Here are 11 tips to help you before, during and after a storm.

Before the storm

  1. General maintenance will always help in a storm. It’s the little things like:
  • Clearing gutters so they work efficiently to prevent water leaking into your home.
  • Storing lightweight garden furniture, the kids’ outdoor toys, ladders and other items that could cause damage or turn into missiles in strong winds.
  1. Be aware of branches growing close to windows or other parts of your home. They could cause significant damage in strong winds.
  2. Know where your switchboard (also known as a fuse box) is and ensure it is covered to prevent water damage.
  1. Always have a torch and check the batteries to ensure it will work. Candles and a fully charged mobile phone will also be useful if the lights go out.
  1. If possible, move your car so it’s away from trees.
  1. Unplug sensitive items such as computers, modems, TVs and devices like mobiles and tablets.

During a storm

  1. Don’t use a landline during a thunder storm. According to the Bureau of Meteorology (http://www.bom.gov.au/storm_spotters/spotter_safety.shtml), you are at risk of electrocution or a deafening sound blast. Mobiles and cordless phones are safe to use during a thunderstorm providing you remain indoors. Their metal components will place you at risk of being struck by lightning if you use these devices outdoors.
  1. Remain indoors – that includes your pets (if possible).

After the storm

  1. Beware of fallen powerlines. They could be hidden in trees or other debris so be cautious.
  1. If you come across fallen powerlines, assume they are live. Don’t touch them or anything else that may be in contact with the powerline (such as a branch). In fact Ausgrid recommends you remain at least 8 metres away from a fallen powerline.
  1. Report all fallen powerlines to Ausgrid on 13 13 88. To check power outages in your area visit https://www.ausgrid.com.au/poweroutages

Surge Protection Tips for your Home and Office

You can protect your home or office from power surges in 2 ways.

  1. There are many good value powerboards available that include surge protection. They work by protecting the appliances plugged into it should another appliance short circuit.
  1. You can also protect your home or office from external power surges by adding surge protectors to your switchboard. They are particularly useful if you live in an area that is susceptible to storms.

For more information on how to add surge protectors to your home or office switchboard, or for help with any of your electrical requirements, contact the team on 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au 

Contact us today and let one of our qualified electrical technicians take care of you.
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