March 2018 Newsletter

Don’t look now but the Easter bunny will be visiting you soon! It feels like we’ve only just finished Christmas, but Easter is early this year.

For many of us, Easter is a great time to take the family away. Unfortunately, popular holiday times are also popular with burglars and home break-ins.

This month I have a few security lighting suggestions to help deter unwanted visitors and give you peace of mind. You’ll also find information on how to make carrying keys a thing of the past.

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Matt Cox


Illuminating illusions for your empty home

If you’re like me, the excitement of going on holidays is always tempered by the worry of a break-in while we are away. Unfortunately, burglars are most active during popular holiday periods and are on the lookout for unattended homes.

Your home is less likely to attract the wrong kind of attention if you give the illusion your household routine is continuing, uninterrupted. It’s usual to get the mailbox emptied and the bins put in and out, but how your house looks at night is also important.

Thankfully, modern security lighting has come a long way from one lamp that comes on at the same time every night. Remember those? Their rigid routine was almost an advertisement that the house was empty.

Now it’s possible to set up a lighting routine that mirrors your everyday life. Here are some options to consider:

  • Timers can be fitted to a range of lights, including the lights in your kitchen or bathroom. And they’re more flexible to use than they used to be. Even if you’re on holidays, you can set your household’s lights to go on and off to match your usual routine. So, there’s no reason for anyone to suspect you’re not at home.
  • Bluetooth smart switches will operate your existing lights and are easy to install. That means you can use your smartphone or tablet to control the lighting at home - even when you’re kilometres away.
  • If you have existing pathway and garden lights, they can be retro fitted with sensors that turn on when movement is detected. Intruders hate them!

Feeling safe at home is important too

  • You can have sensor lights fitted outside that will come on in a sequence, as you walk. These are ideal for keeping you safe on stairways in apartment buildings or for illuminating dark garden paths. And of course, this means your lights are only on when they’re needed.
  • Whether it’s day or night, it’s reassuring to know you can identify callers without opening the door. An intercom or video system lets you do that. If you integrate your system with an automatic gate, you can choose whether visitors enter your property at all. So, you’re in total control of your home security at all times.

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Tired of late night arrivals – install a keypad

Have you thought how much easier and more secure your life could be with an electronic entry key pad? Whether you have family members that regularly lose their keys or you’ve become an Airbnb host, it might be time to ditch the keys.

Installing an electronic keypad takes the hassle out of key hand overs and means your guests don’t have to carry keys around with them. Once the keypad is in place, simply give new guests a unique code to enter the premises and then change the code after they leave.

For your own household, family members only need to remember a code and they’ll never be locked out again. If they forget it, you don’t have to rush to their rescue. You can give the code over the phone. Too easy!

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