November 2018 Newsletter

Set the summer lovin’ mood with outdoor lighting

Good lighting does much more than help you see what you’re doing. It also:

  • Adds ambience to outdoor spaces by highlighting garden features or plantings – like pretty fairy lights entwined through your trees.
  • Enhances the beauty of your outdoor area. Things like colourful festoon lights and pool lights mean you can choose your mood – from understated elegance to “let’s party”!
  • Improves safety by highlighting pathways or functional areas like clothes lines and bin storage areas.

Our team can update your existing lighting or install a new lighting system from scratch. We can even help you design a lighting plan to achieve the look you desire. But it’s best to book in early before the December rush.

When choosing outdoor lighting, only use lights intended for outdoor use with a minimum weatherproof rating of IP23. With weatherproof ratings, the first number shows you how resistant the item is to particles, such as dust, and the second tells you how resistant it is to liquids. So the higher the number the better the protection. Find out more here HERE

One outdoor lighting option is stainless steel LED lights – they are hard-wearing, attractive and corrosion-resistant.

Complement the look and functionality of your covered outdoor entertainment area with a stainless steel ceiling fan. It will allow you to enjoy your outdoor area even on the hottest days. These fans are great in winter too. Simply switch over to winter mode and the fan will take warm air from around the ceiling of your outdoor area and push it down to where you are sitting.

Always look for fans that are specifically designed for outdoor use like stainless steel fans which have low susceptibility to corrosion.

We can assist you with lighting plans and installation for your outdoor area, garden and swimming pool. Call 0418 442 578 or email to arrange a time for Matt to visit your home.

3 Top tips for a sensational summer

1.    If you have a BBQ, outdoor kitchen or pizza oven, great lighting will make cooking and entertaining so much easier. Talk to us about improving or installing better outdoor lighting so you can be the household’s MasterChef.

2.    Change your ceiling fans to summer mode. If you can’t remember whether you changed them during winter, simply turn on the fan and stand near it. If you can’t feel a slight breeze, it’s on winter mode. Turn the fan off then flick the little black switch at the fan’s base to summer mode.

3.   If you have a pool, check your pool pump timer. With warmer days and frequent use, it’s time to increase the number of hours your pump is in operation. Adjust your equipment to run for 8 hours per day.

To find out more, contact us on 0418 442 578 or

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