February 2017 Newsletter

It seems a little too late in the year to be wishing you a happy new year so I’ll just say I hope 2017 has started well for you.

We’ve certainly had some very hot days and warm nights so far this year. For our customers with air conditioning, this newsletter will give you 5 tips to help you keep control of your power bills while the weather is so hot.

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Matt Cox

5 tips to reduce your air conditioning costs

Tip 1 – Stop the heat getting in

Direct sunlight on your windows can rapidly increase the temperature of a room – particularly windows facing North or West. Reduce the impact of direct sun by:

  • Closing blinds or curtains
  • Using outside awnings or shutters if you have them
  • Before next summer, consider building pergolas or planting deciduous trees to help shade your most sun exposed windows


Tip 2 - Make the most of your solar power

If you have solar power, run your air conditioner during the day – even if you aren’t home. That way you are using free power to keep your home cool and preventing heat build-up. Once you return home, you can turn off your air conditioning and still remain cool.

Tip 3 – Watch the thermostat

According to the Government website Your Energy Savings, setting your air conditioner’s thermostat even 1° higher will save between 5-10% on your energy usage. If members of your household are wearing long-sleeve tops or jackets around your air conditioned home, you have probably set the thermostat too low.

Tip 4 – Catch the breezes

Ceiling fans are very energy efficient and work by creating a breeze which makes you feel cooler. But they don’t change the room temperature so turn them off when the room is empty.

When the cool change finally comes, open all your windows and doors to let the cooling breezes through. Of course, be mindful of your security by making sure you have appropriate window and door locks - even when you are at home.

Tip 5 – Little details count

To maximise the efficiency of your air conditioner, make sure you clean the filter regularly. If your air conditioner uses an external compressor, try to provide it with shade. If it’s sitting in full sun it will need to work harder than is necessary. Providing shade for the compressor doesn’t need to be complicated. Using shade providing plants may be all you need.

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