January 2021 Newsletter

Happy new year!

We hope you had a great Christmas. We’re back on the tools and looking forward to seeing you this year. If you delayed your electrical projects until after Christmas, now could be a good time to ask us over.

To inspire you, we share our top 2 tips when choosing a ceiling fan plus we have some fun electrical facts to get your imagination sizzling!

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs

2 Tips when choosing a ceiling fan

We love ceiling fans. They are effective, economical and enhance the cooling effects of your air conditioning system (if you have one). But there are a few things to look for when selecting a ceiling fan:

  1.  Look for fans with replaceable globes. These days many use fixed LED lights and globes. While they last a long time, you may need to replace your entire fan when they wear out.
  2. In smaller rooms, look for fans with retractable blades. When the fan isn’t in use, they simply look like a light. From a design perspective, this is great news because ceiling fan blades can make a small room feel smaller.

Our team are experts in installing ceiling fans in both houses and apartments. Call or email the friendly Ku-ring-gai Electrical team on 0418 442 578 or info@kuring.com.au to make a time for your fan installation.

Calling all chocolate lovers

With Valentine’s day just a few weeks away, we’re sharing the love by giving a delicious chocolate hamper to the first 5 customers who book us in February.

All you have to do is mention the chocolate hamper when you make your February booking.

3 Sizzling electricity facts

1. An electric fence can operate at 15,000 Volts but it won’t kill you because it has very low Amps.

2. Compare this with the 240 Volts we have in our homes. Do the wrong thing and it can kill you. That’s because domestic electricity has a high Amp rate (also known as current).

3. Here’s where it gets tricky … a 12 Volt car battery can be touched without receiving a shock but if you place a spanner on the terminal, the spanner will melt. How do we know this? As a young man, Matt was working on his car. He wasn’t paying attention and placed his spanner on his car battery terminal. It didn’t take long for the spanner to become red hot – damaging his car battery.

So the moral of these fun facts are:

1. The voltage won’t harm you. High or low, it’s the same result. What will harm you is the Amp.

2. Always use a qualified mechanic. It will save you money in the long run.

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