November 2017 Newsletter

If you’re like me, time always seems to speed up as Christmas approaches. So, don’t get caught out trying to organise your Christmas light displays in a rush at the last minute. After all, you want your decorations to light up your family and friend’s faces, not just your home.

In this newsletter, I’ve included some points to consider about how to use Christmas light decorations safely. Hopefully you’ll find them useful and if you need any help from me, call Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service on 0418 442 578 or email

Matt Cox

Are you taking risks with your Christmas lights?

Christmas is just around the corner and for many families, the excitement is already mounting. It’s the perfect time to make sure your Christmas lights are not only bright and festive but safe to use.

At my place, putting up the tree and the lights are activities the whole family looks forward to. Whether you’re bringing last year’s lights out of storage or buying new ones, you need to check a few things. Follow these steps and you’ll be good to go:

Step 1:
Start with a quick online search to make sure your lights haven’t been recalled due to a newly identified safety issue.

Step 2:
Check the cables are undamaged and all the globes are working. Never run your lights with some globes missing – this is a fire hazard.

Step 3:
If you’re getting new lights this year, buy them from a reputable store.

Look on the packaging for either the Australian Standards Compliance
Symbol or an approval number, e.g. N12345.

Step 4:
Make sure you choose lights that are fit for purpose. Indoor and
outdoor lights are not interchangeable.

Step 5:
Avoid using 240v lights as they can cause fires if left on too long. They also have a higher risk of electrocution, which makes them dangerous to have around small children or pets.

Instead, opt for safer, more energy-friendly LED lights. You can pick them up quite cheaply from retailers like Bunnings.

Step 6:
Once your Christmas lights are up, don’t forget to switch them off before leaving the house or going to bed.

Wise ways to light up your outdoors this Christmas

The back patio or veranda often functions as an extra room during the summer months. If you’re regularly eating or entertaining outside, you might want to add some Christmas lights there too.

But, with kids (big or small) and sometimes pets running around playing games, cables and extension leads can ruin the fun!

Here are 4 tips for adding Christmas lights to your outdoor area so that it’s seasonal and safe.

  1. Only use lights intended for outdoor use with a weatherproof rating such as IP23. The higher the number, the greater the weather protection.
  2. If you need to run extension cords through windows or doorways,consider using an outdoor safety box. It will keep your power boards and plugs dry, dust-free and safe.
  3. Avoid tripping hazards. Tape down your power cords or run them around the edge of your home, away from the activity.
  4. For the safest and most convenient option, talk to me about installing weatherproof power points outside. These eliminate the need to run extension cords from inside your home to your outdoor area. I can even fit a handy switch inside the house so you can turn your lights on or off from there.

Get your Christmas lights ready now

You can have your own Christmas light spectacular at the flick of a switch!

Call or email Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service on 0418 442 578 or to make a time for us to install your weatherproof power points and switches at your home or business.

Contact us today and let one of our qualified electrical technicians take care of you.
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