January 2019 Newsletter

The tradition continues …

Have you ever noticed how some people seem destined for a certain career?

When I (Matt) was a kid, one of my earliest electrical feats was creating a Morse code machine with my neighbour.

After crafting our contraptions from odds and ends, we would communicate with each other, every evening, until the phase wore off.

Another highlight was developing a burglar alarm for my bedroom door. Using a cassette deck, bits of wire and a crude switch, my device announced an intruder with a cry of “Help, murder, help!” which I had pre-recorded. My unfortunate uncle was very startled when he innocently entered my room one day.

Luckily, no-one succumbed to a more sophisticated security system I later wired up to 240 volts!

In 1994, the time came to amp up my electrical career, so I began an apprenticeship with Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service. The business had begun in the 1970s and by the time I joined the team, Steve McWhirter was the owner.

When Steve retired in 2010, I purchased the business from him.

A team of bright sparks

Many of you will have met Pat Dobbs, one of our team members. About 6 years ago he began his apprenticeship with us. He had previously studied accounting but he decided it wasn’t for him. So Pat traded a career in the books for one on the tools. He finished his apprenticeship a few years ago and decided to stay on as a fully qualified electrician.

It turns out Pat and I make a great team so this year Pat joins the business as a partner … and so the tradition continues with our apprentices staying on to become owners of the business.

Still doing the sparky stuff!

Two bright sparks are better than one, so we’ll both be “doing the sparky stuff” and providing the same reliable, professional service that you’ve come to trust. But Pat’s accounting and business skills will also add a new dimension to the behind-the-scenes running of the business.

We are excited to continue to offer you a reliable electrical service that will never compromise you or your family’s safety.

If your home or office requires electrical work, get in touch on 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au

6 Fun facts about electricity

  1. The basic principles of electricity generation were discovered during the 1820s and early 1830s by British scientist Michael Faraday. His method is still used today.
  2. Thomas Edison invented more than 2,000 new products, including almost everything needed for us to use electricity in our homes, such as switches, fuses, sockets and meters.
  3. The first power plant – owned by Thomas Edison – opened in New York City in 1882. His Pearl Street Power Station provided electricity for 85 buildings.
  4. Australia’s first recorded use of electricity was in 1878. It was used to light Sydney’s General Post Office.
  5. The first street in the world to be lit by electric bulbs was in the UK – Mosley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1879.
  6. The first successful electric car was built in 1891 by American inventor William Morrison.

We found these fun facts at Globird Energy and Alliant Energy Kids.

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