August 2018 Newsletter

Wireless technology to watch over your commercial premises

Have you ever had a break-in at work? Managing security can be a constant challenge, especially in industrial areas where it’s often isolated or quiet after dark.  Yet even an attempted burglary can be a costly headache that will disrupt your business. And if you’re managing a commercial construction site, after-hours theft or vandalism can delay your project and cause costs to escalate.

Using CCTV can be a great deterrent against would-be thieves or vandals. However, in the past, fitting a CCTV system at a commercial premises could be a big job – especially if there are multiple buildings to secure (e.g. an office, factory and warehouse complex). The reason is, multiple sites require wiring to be installed between each building.

Now for the good news

Advances in technology have simplified the way CCTV systems work. You can now use wireless transmitters to link security cameras between two or three buildings – making it pretty straightforward to create a long-range wireless network for your CCTV system.

You won’t need to install extra wiring and you can reach parts of your property or site where in the past, wiring was either impractical or impossible! The wireless access points can broadcast multiple camera streams as long as you have the bandwidth to support it.

If you’ve been thinking about boosting security at your workplace, commercial premises or construction site, CCTV using wireless access points could be a cost-effective solution.

Call me to discuss your CCTV options or to arrange a time for me to visit your premises to assess your requirements.

Bunnings Safety Recall – SmartSpace Kit Home Electrical Components

Bunnings has issued a safety recall for electrical components included in SmartSpace kit homes purchased prior to July 2015. The recall relates to specific cabling and electrical devices that were sold as part of the SmartSpace kit homes.

A serious risk has been identified that could result in electrical shock or fire. You can find all the relevant details here.

If you bought one of these SmartSpace kit homes from Bunnings before July 2015 or you’re not sure if the recall relates to your kit home, act now and get in touch with the SmartSpace Support team.

Contact the SmartSpace Support team today by calling 1300 985 110 or emailing They’ll let you know if you’re affected and organise to get the components checked.

Contact us today and let one of our qualified electrical technicians take care of you.
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