May 2022 Newsletter

Hey, Matt and Pat here!

Love the idea of home automation but live in an established home? There are some really cool automation systems that are easy and cost effective to retrofit into your home, holiday house, granny flat or short-term rental property. Our favourite is Powermesh and in this newsletter, we explain why we love it.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs


Now you can retrofit your home to obtain the convenience of smart automation

As a team, we love gadgets and using technology to make our lives easier. That’s why we love the Powermesh range of devices. They give you the option of:

  • Manual operation
  • Using an app on your phone
  • Or voice activation using Google Assistant or Alexa

Best of all, this smart automation system is easy to retrofit in your home and you can choose how much of your home is automated.

Here’s how it works

The Powermesh range of powerpoints and light switches use bluetooth to communicate with each other. This avoids the need for expensive rewiring.

It also means you can start with only a few devices or switches and grow your smart home as your needs change or you become familiar with the technology. Alternatively, you may wish to convert your whole home into an automated smart home all at once. Either way, the choice is yours.

Unlike traditional wireless networks, each bluetooth enabled device you add to the system will strengthen your automation network and there’s no limit to the number of devices you can have.

But best of all, the Powermesh system still allows you to manually operate a light, powerpoint or ceiling fan, if you wish.

What can it do?

Powermesh devices allow you to:

  • Program connected appliances, lights or even ceiling fans to turn on or off automatically.
  • Automatically turn off connected powerpoints if you forget to turn off appliances like the iron or your hair straightener.
  • Monitor your energy costs (in dollars and cents) when using any connected appliance such as your fridge or clothes dryer. If you share your power bill with others (like a granny flat), you can also install Powermesh to equitably divide the electricity bill.
  • Reduce your power bills by removing the need to use the standby function on appliances such as your home theatre equipment.
  • Use the app to remotely turn on your electric hot water service at your holiday home or short-term rental investment.
  • Connect your outside lights or water feature to automatically turn on and off every day.

“We love this system!”

From our perspective, Powermesh gives our clients the option of retrofitting highly functional home automation in a cost effective way.

It also offers the ability to start your home automation conversion at a modest size that can expand as your needs change. When you love gadgets as much as we do, we think this flexibility is really cool.

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