April 2021 Newsletter

Hey! Matt and Pat here.

The end of daylight saving signals the beginning of shorter daylight hours. That means safely negotiating your driveway or path could be difficult if it’s poorly lit. In this edition, we talk about your options for lighting garden paths, driveways and your front door area.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs


5 Lighting ideas for your driveway, path and entrance

It always feels like summer is officially over when daylight saving ends. Over the next few months, the days will be shorter so you’ll be leaving for work and returning home again in the dark. That’s why we’re asking you “how safe is your garden path and driveway?”

Good garden lighting makes it easier for family members and guests to walk down your driveway or garden path in the dark. It also helps to improve personal safety and makes it easier to find the front door keyhole at night. Good lighting even makes it easier to take the bins out each week. So it makes sense to look after yourself by reviewing your outdoor lighting.

These days the options are endless and only limited by your imagination and budget. For your outdoor lighting needs, we’re happy to work with your landscaper or pool builder to install spectacular and/or functional lighting as part of an outdoor refresh or renovation. We can also retro fit some amazing lighting solutions for outdoors.

Here are 5 suggestions to inspire you:

1. Pathway lights
If you have space select post, pedestal or bollard-style lights to make a very stylish and elegant statement. Located at regular intervals down your path, they are usually simple to install if we can locate them where your path meets your lawn or garden area.

If your area is small or you prefer a more streamlined look, recessed path lights may be a great option. These are usually positioned at regular intervals in the path itself so are best installed as part of your new landscaping. If you’re not planning a garden renovation, there are some low-to-the-ground options that can be installed where your paving and garden meet.

2. Wall lights
If your home or garage is adjacent to your driveway or path, wall mounted downlights can be a great option. With this style of lighting, you can choose to have a single but powerful light fitting or a couple located in key areas.

Wall or ceiling mounted lights are also great by your front door to make it easier to find your keys and the keyhole in the dark.

3. Driveway lights
There’s nothing like the welcoming feeling of returning to a well-lit home at the end of a long day. That’s why we love driveway lighting.

If your home doesn’t have room for a garden path, your driveway lighting also helps family and friends navigate their way to your front door. In addition, we’re sure you’ll find driveway lighting very handy when you take the bins out.

If you are designing a new driveway, recessed spotlights are a great, streamlined option. Otherwise we suggest using inground up-lights, post or bollard style lights along the edge of your driveway.

4. Motion sensor outdoor lights
These are the coolest ones of all. They can even be installed to illuminate one section of your path or driveway at a time.

Using motion sensor lights outdoors means you don’t have to worry about whether the lights are on before your guests arrive or worry about whether the lights have been left on overnight. Because of this, they’re also energy saving as they only operate when required.

5. Ensure you choose outdoor light fittings
When selecting outdoor lights, ensure you choose fittings that are suitable for outdoor use as they need to withstand the elements – especially rain and, for garden lighting, your irrigation system.

We can help you design your outdoor lighting as well as install it. We’re always here to provide advice and guidance on what you need. All you need to do is ask.

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