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Hey! Matt and Pat here.

Can you believe the countdown to Christmas has begun? While 2020 has been challenging, somehow the year seems to have rushed by.

If you are hoping for lots of catch-ups with family and friends over summer, now is the time to book us in for all your outdoor electrical needs. To inspire you and let you know what’s possible, we’re sharing our top 8 tips for getting your home and outdoor areas ready for summer fun.

We’re all about safety – yours and ours – so when we come to your home or office, we follow COVIDSafe guidelines. To arrange your pre-Christmas visit, call 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au. Remember, we book out quickly this time of year so if you would like a bright Christmas, make your appointment today.

Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs


8 Tips to get ready for Summer

Things you can do yourself

Tip 1: Did last summer’s poor air quality impact your air conditioner filters?
If you haven’t checked your air conditioning filters for a while, we suggest you do it now. The manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and after the poor air quality from the bushfires last summer, our customers are telling us their air con filters are particularly grubby.

It’s important to clean them as dirty filters make your air conditioner work harder and that means it costs more to cool your home. Cleaning the filters is usually an easy and relatively quick process so make some time to do it this weekend.

Tip 2: Did you turn your ceiling fans to winter mode?
Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer. They all have a reverse mode which helps to warm your home in winter. If you’ve taken advantage of this option, now is the time to turn them back to summer mode.

If you can’t remember, it’s easy to work out. Simply turn your fan on and stand under it. If you can’t feel a breeze, it’s in winter mode. There’s a little button on the top of your fan which changes the operating modes. Again, it’s really easy to do.

Tip 3: Have a swimming pool?
If you turned your pool pump down for winter, now is the time to turn it back up for summer. Running times depend on the size of your pool and the amount of use it gets (e.g. you may need to run it longer if you are having a pool party for the kids).

Typically, 8 hours should be sufficient in summer but check with your pool cleaner or pool equipment supply shop.

Things we can help you with

These days, outdoor comfort and summer entertainment options are almost endless so here are a few suggestions on what’s possible.

Tip 4: Pump up the music with outdoor speakers
The music doesn’t need to stop once you go outside. There are music systems with outdoor speakers that only need an outdoor powerpoint.

Tip 5: Ceiling fans for outdoor patios
When it’s hot, under patio ceiling fans provide a wonderful cooling breeze. Don’t forget the lights! We can install task and mood lighting for your patio to really set the scene.

Tip 6: Outdoor garden lights
If you have looked at this before but decided the cost of running the wiring from your home to your pool, barbeque area or garden was too expensive, there are now options that use a remote control. They operate within a 50-80m range.

Tip 7: Path lighting
There are so many options including sensor and photoelectric cells that automatically turn on when it gets dark. We can help you choose the best option and install them for you.

Tip 8: Garden lighting
We can help you with everything from lighting plans to installation. If your garden is currently being landscaped, ask if you can use your tried and trusted electrician. We work with many landscapers across Sydney.

After such a gloomy year, let us help you amplify your summer fun with some bright and comfort enhancing solutions. For all your summer wiring needs, get in touch by calling 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au.


A Kitchen Correction

In last month’s newsletter we talked about induction cooktops. In our article, we said you may not be able to use your favourite pots and pans if they are made from aluminium, copper or glass.

We would like to thank one of our lovely customers, Val Rogers. She recently changed over to induction cooking and tells us her son purchased an Induction Cooktop Converter. Apparently it “works a treat with my glass saucepans and a couple of others that aren’t directly compatible with induction cooking.”

The converters are widely available from places like your induction stovetop retailer.

Thank you Val for letting us know so we can share the information with others.