June 2021 Newsletter

Hey! Matt and Pat here.

Have you ever considered using your outdoor entertaining area all year round? There are some fantastic heating and lighting options that will allow you to use this space throughout the year. Read on for more information.

At Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service, we take your safety seriously. To arrange a time for us to visit your home or business, call us on 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au.

Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs

To increase your winter living space, just add lights and heating

Don’t let a chilly winter keep you indoors. There are lots of options to help you enjoy your outdoor area all year long. Whether it’s gorgeous outdoor lighting so you can enjoy your garden from the warmth of indoors. Or outdoor heating and lighting options to expand your living and entertaining areas. We have some great ideas for your home.

We also do a lot of work with hospitality businesses – especially with the restricted capacities restaurants and cafes experience during COVID spikes.

Read on for some sparkling outdoor lighting ideas or check out our Facebook posts to see some of our awesome installations. For information on safe and effective electric heating for outdoor spaces, scroll down.

7 Outdoor lighting ideas

1. Use a mass display of festoon or fairy lights above your alfresco dining area to create a whimsical and enchanting ambiance outdoors. This type of lighting looks great all year round and works equally well for commercial or residential spaces.

2. Bedrooms often look out onto neighbouring fences. To add interest, hang festoon lights from your eaves to the fence.

3. Add a modern and eclectic look by choosing festoon lights that can accommodate a mixture of bulb shapes, sizes or colours.

4. If you have a pergola or balcony, adorn the structure with fairy or festoon lights to emphasise the architectural features.

5. In courtyard gardens, consider hanging your festoon or fairy lights along your walls and fences to add interest and brighten a normally dull feature.

6. Don’t forget task lighting around your barbeque or outdoor kitchen area. It will make entertaining outdoors much easier.

7. Use a combination of festoon, fairy and uplights to light garden paths or highlight garden features such as gorgeous trees, water features or lush garden beds.

When installing outdoor lighting, we only use low voltage festoon and fairy lights which have been specifically designed for outdoor use and meet Australian safety standards. They are the safest for you and your family or staff and customers if installed in commercial areas.

Avoid the chill with safe, electric outdoor heating

It’s common to see gas heating in outdoor areas – especially in outdoor dining areas at cafes and restaurants. The problem with these units is, people sitting closest to the heater often complain of “feeling sunburnt” on their scalp due to the intense heat.

There are now several options of infra-red, electric radiant heaters that are designed to provide high intensity heating for the outdoors.

They are suitable for use in courtyards, verandahs, balconies, beer gardens and other outdoor entertaining areas – covered or open. We simply mount them to the ceiling or under the eaves. One thing to keep in mind is that most electric infra-red outdoor heaters have a minimum installation height of 2.1m and a maximum installation height of 2.8m.

No renovation required
Adding a heat source to your outdoor area is a marvellous, cost-effective way to add extra entertaining and living space to your home or business without the need to knockdown walls or build an extension.

To discuss your options or plan your outdoor lighting and heating requirements, get in touch with us by calling call 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au

What makes us different?

Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service has been in business since 1974 and has a tradition of our own apprentices continuing the business when the previous owner retires. This has bred a special culture of valuing each and every client because we couldn’t remain in business all these years without their trust and loyalty.

In case you think all electricians are the same, here’s a reminder of our 4 Key Promises to you:

Promise #1: We value your time
With many trades, you need to be available so they can quote and then they’ll come back another day to do the work. But we understand you have a busy life. So when we come to give you a quote, we’ll also stay to do the work if you’d like to proceed.

There’s no obligation and no cost if you choose not to proceed or need some thinking time. It’s all part of our service.

Promise #2: We always use top quality materials
If you’ve ever received multiple quotes for the same electrical work, you may have found a huge difference in the price. The problem with the lower quotes could be the electrician is cutting costs by using cheaper materials.

At Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service, we’ll only use top quality materials that meet Australian Standards because we care about your safety. You’ll also find we are moderately priced if you choose to shop around.

Promise #3: We’re problem solvers
We will happily do the electrical work for new builds and renovations. But when it comes to adding or changing light fittings, powerpoints or switches to existing homes, it can get a little tricky. But we love the challenge of finding innovative ways to achieve what you want and make it look great.

Promise #4: We’re perfectionists
Whatever work we do for you, we guarantee it will always:

  • Look right
  • Work correctly
  • Be safe

And we will stay at your home or business until it meets our exacting standards.

For all your home and business wiring needs ….

Next time a friend or family member is talking about getting some electrical work done, please tell them about us. To talk to the team at Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service, call 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au

Contact us today and let one of our qualified electrical technicians take care of you.
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