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If you live in an older home, you may be surprised at all the options available for light switches and powerpoints. They now come in designer colours and finishes. They can also include USB outlets and be smart if you’d like to begin automating your home. Some outlets even come with the option of flat or curved buttons. Discover what’s possible below.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs



Exploring high-fashion powerpoints and light switches

The days of white plastic light switches and powerpoints are over. Of course they’re still available. But let’s face it, they can stand out on a blank wall. With home automation becoming more prevalent, light switches and powerpoints are becoming smart and very fashion conscious.

We love working with the Clipsal range. They are well made and safe. They’re also very cool – offering a variety of styles and colours as well as configurations. For example, you can add dimmer switches, LED indicators and sockets for USB charging.


Function meets Fashion

If you want your wall colour, light switches and powerpoints to colour coordinate, the Clipsal Iconic range offers interchangeable faces (they call them skins). That means you can change the look of your switches and powerpoints every time you paint the wall or change your kitchen splashback.

In fact, light switches and powerpoints are so fashion conscious, the Clipsal website offers styling advice.

If you love decorating your home or are planning a renovation, the Clipsal Find My Style tool is pretty cool. You can choose your wall colour from their pre-loaded colours or upload a photo of your wall. Then you simply scroll through your options to see which switch and socket skin will coordinate best with your wall colour.


“Super Sexy Switches” – well that’s what Matt thinks!

Clipsal offers lots of options. But from our perspective, nothing beats the Saturn Zen range. They are sleek, minimalist and “Super Sexy”, according to Matt.

This range uses LED push buttons so you have the choice of using the LED light to help you find the switch in the dark. OR, for outdoor and garage lights, you can use the LED light to indicate if the light is on.

For places like kitchens and bathrooms where it’s common to have multi-gang switches, the Zen range offers really cool pictogram icons so you can instantly know which switch to use. Like everything else, they are interchangeable so if your switch changes, you can change the icon.

For advice or to upgrade your light switches and powerpoints, call us on 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Christmas is coming!

The patter of reindeer hooves will be here before we know it so now is the best time to book us in to help you with your pre-Christmas electrical projects.

  • Keep the family safe by checking your smoke detectors and safety switch
  • If you are putting up outdoor Christmas lights, ask us to install outdoor powerpoints so you don’t need to run extension cords through your windows
  • What about some gorgeous, ambient lighting for your garden and outdoor entertainment areas?

We hate to disappoint our customers, so please get in touch now to make your pre-Christmas booking, while we still have times available. Contact us on 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Service Promise

We have 4 key service promises. Here’s one of them – We always use top quality materials.

If you’ve ever received multiple quotes for the same electrical work, you may have found a huge difference in the price. The problem with the lower quotes could be the electrician is cutting costs by using cheaper materials.

At Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service, we’ll only use top quality materials that meet Australian Standards because we care about your safety. In addition, you’ll find we are moderately priced if you choose to shop around.