April 2022 Newsletter

Hey, Matt and Pat here!

Daylight savings ends on Sunday 3 April and that signals the beginning of cooler weather and shorter days. So we share some ideas on how to make your place feel cosier, smarter and safer.

When visiting your home, we always follow the current COVID safety protocols and sanitise before we ring your doorbell. We also wear shoe booties over our boots to keep your floors clean and dispose of all rubbish before we leave your home.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs


3 Stylish & ultra-modern ideas to light-up your home

With shorter days on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about your lighting. Here are 3 stylish and ultra-modern ideas to light-up your home.

Idea 1:  Recessed floor powerpoints – now that’s great thinking!

When it comes to decorating your home, there is a huge trend to move your furniture away from walls and into the centre of your living room. It’s great for creating cosy conversation or relaxation areas and defining walkways. The downside comes if you want powerpoints nearby to plug in lamps, surround sound speakers, recliner chairs and other devices.

The answer:  In-floor powerpoints.

They have come a long way since they first came on the market and now offer:

  • Recessed options (with a lid to avoid trip hazards) in finishes such as black, white or stainless steel
  • 2 or 4 gang options
  • In-built power and data outlets so you can connect to the internet while charging your device

Recessed powerpoints aren’t suitable for all floors so get in touch to explore the possibilities for your home by calling 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Idea 2:  Get the right amount of light for every activity

With the days getting shorter, there is a time of day when you want a little more light. That’s when a dimmer switch can come in handy.

Not only are dimmers useful for creating great ambient lighting effects, they can be used to bridge daytime and evening when just a little more light would be handy. Dimmers also work well in areas that perform double duty and need a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting – like dining tables and island benches.

If you haven’t seen a dimmer light switch for a while, you might be surprised to find you now have the choice of a push button option or wi-fi that can be controlled by your phone. If you are a fan of the traditional knob, don’t worry. They are still available too.

If you find your home lighting isn’t providing the light you need, where you need it, ask us about our lighting design service. We can design better lighting options for inside your home, around your garden or for your outdoor entertainment area.

To arrange a new dimmer switch or to discuss our lighting design service call 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Idea 3:  Light sensing lights – it’s a game changer for your home or strata


These days, the term sensor light means lights that automatically turn on when it starts to get dark and turn off again when it starts to get light. They don’t work on timers or motion detectors. Instead they sense how much light there is in the surrounding area. That means, your sensor lights will also operate during the day if it’s very overcast or stormy to ensure an area is always well lit.


Sensor lights are great for lighting entrances and garden paths. They are also fantastic for strata complexes who often need to engage an electrician to adjust the timer on their common area and safety lights.


We can help individual homes, businesses or strata complexes with the installation of sensor lights. We can also replace traditional timer lights with sensor light options. If you would like to know more, get in touch by calling 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Bluetooth & wi-fi smoke detectors are now available

The end of daylight savings means it’s time to talk about smoke detectors. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend photoelectric smoke detectors. That’s because they tend to be more sensitive to give you the maximum amount of warning that a fire is smouldering. They have a 10 year life span and also come with a built-in battery that doesn’t require changing.

Ideally, your smoke detectors should be interconnected so if one goes off, all the other detectors will too. This is particularly important in larger homes or strata buildings. However, it’s not always possible to retrofit interconnected smoke detectors in established homes or older apartment blocks. That’s what makes the new Bluetooth and wi-fi solutions so fantastic!

If your smoke detectors are 10+ years old, you don’t know their age or if they aren’t interconnected, get in touch so we can update them for you. After all, you don’t want to take risks when it comes to safety.

For all your home and office wiring needs, you can rely on Ku-ring-gai Electrical. Call 0418 442 578 or email info@kuring.com.au


Know a bright spark who values work-life balance?

As you may have noticed, we are a friendly, family-focus team. So if you know an electrician or 4th year apprentice who wants a change of pace and values work-life balance, please send them to our Facebook page or ask them to get in touch.

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