October 2020 Newsletter

Hey! Matt and Pat here.

At the risk of giving you bad news, Christmas is only a few months away. So if a kitchen appliance update is on the menu this Christmas, read on as we explain the differences between some kitchen equipment staples.

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Matt Cox & Pat Dobbs


Look what’s cooking in the kitchen this Christmas

New oven on the menu?

For the at-home chef, an induction stovetop might be the answer. They heat quickly and evenly (unlike gas) and provide almost instant temperature control (unlike a standard electric stove).

They’re electric (so we can install it for you) but they use electromagnetic radiation. Don’t let the term “electromagnetic radiation” scare you. Induction cooking is proven to be safe. But they do work differently to other stoves.

The advantages:

  • Induction stovetops aren’t hot to the touch so they are safe for curious kids and clumsy adults.
  • They don’t heat up your kitchen. All the heat stays in the pan.
  • They provide a very even heat which is great for simmering.
  • They use push button controls which are easy to use and can give you great control over your cooking area and temperature.
  • They are extremely efficient – which is good and bad. It means they cook food fast but you might burn a few things while you’re getting familiar with your induction cooktop.

The downside …
Only pots and pans made from ferrous metals (such as cast-iron and some stainless steels) can be used on induction cooktops. That means, if you have favourite aluminium, copper or glass cookware, you won’t be able to use them on your induction stove. To check if your existing cookware is made from ferrous metal, see if one of your fridge magnets sticks to the base. If it does, that piece of cookware is suitable for your induction stovetop.

Whether your stove top is electric or induction, we can install a new one for you in time for Christmas. Just get in touch to make a time. But don’t leave it too long. We often get very busy in the lead up to Christmas.

How about your rangehood?

When it comes to installing your rangehood, there are two ways – ducted and re-circulating. Most rangehoods are set up to do either but you need to decide which method you want to use prior to installation.

With ducted rangehoods, the steam and smoke are vented outside so when it comes to eliminating cooking odours, this type of ducting is the most efficient. However, in apartments and some homes, external ducting may not be possible. That’s when re-circulating installation is used. This method relies on a carbon or charcoal filter to remove odours before pushing the air back into the kitchen.

When choosing a rangehood, ensure it covers your entire stovetop area. Rangehoods usually come in 600mm or 900mm to match the width of your stovetop.

We are experienced at installing both types of rangehoods so get in touch if you’d like yours installed before Christmas.

Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree!

There’s no need to put up with poor lighting in your kitchen. There are plenty of under bench (or under cupboard) lighting options that can be retro-fitted into existing kitchens or installed as part of a kitchen remodel. These include LED strips and mini recessed lights.

We can also light up your pantry with a light that’s wired to turn on as soon as you open the pantry door.

We’ve checked with Santa and it’s OK for your Christmas kitchen wish list to come early this year. So get in touch with the team from Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service and we’ll help you cook like a celebrity this Christmas.

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