August 2017 Newsletter

Rising energy costs have been a major news story lately and rightly so. Over the past few years, the NSW government has provided financial incentives to businesses and households through the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). It’s a bit complicated but may be worth considering. Read my simplified explanation below.

But first, let’s start with a home safety tip you may not be aware of.

Matt Cox

Beware! Double adapters and powerboards

When there aren’t enough powerpoints in a room, it’s tempting to grab a double adapter or powerboard. But they aren’t suitable for all appliances. In fact, they can be a fire hazard in many common applications.

Double adapters and powerboards are rated at 10 amps. Your kettle, toaster, microwave, clothes dryer – in fact any heating appliance – are all rated at 10 amps each.

We frequently see home and office kitchens run their kettle and toaster or microwave off the same powerboard or double adapter. This is really dangerous if you use both appliances at once because you are overloading the board or adapter and in serious risk of starting a fire.

The same holds true for running:

  1. Your hairdryer and heater in the bathroom
  2. Your washing machine and dryer in the laundry

Staying safe is simple

It’s usually quite easy to retro-fit a multi-outlet powerpoint to an existing powerpoint.

Don’t risk it! Call us today to arrange a time for us to add more power outlets where you need them most. In the meantime, remove that powerboard or double adapter and only use 1 appliance at a time.

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Could ESS be for you?

A few years ago, the NSW government introduced an energy saving scheme to encourage homes and businesses to swap energy guzzling equipment, appliances and lighting to energy saving options.

The scheme is known as ESS (or the Energy Savings Scheme).

Unlike other programs, ESS is not a rebate scheme. Instead it uses Energy Savings Certificates as “currency”. This is what makes it complicated to understand. However it is a worthwhile scheme which is drawing to a close.

How could ESS apply to you?

If your strata scheme or workplace uses old lighting technology (e.g. fluorescent tubes) to provide 24/7 lighting (e.g. in an underground carpark) you may be eligible to apply for ESS Certificates.

To be eligible, you need to:

  1. Convert to more energy efficient lighting methods e.g. LED lights &/or lighting automation to minimise energy waste
  2. Replace a minimum of 20 inefficient lights to qualify for consideration
  3. Prove the upgrade has resulted in considerable energy savings

The same applies to any energy inefficient equipment or machinery where investment in better technology reduces energy use. The more money you can prove you are saving, the more ESS Certificates you could be eligible for.

If you believe your home or workplace may be eligible for ESS, contact us for more information or pass this newsletter onto others e.g. business owners, strata managers or building managers.

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