September 2019 Newsletter

Tangled cables getting you down?

We have the answers.

Blue-tooth technology was expected to reduce the tangle of cables connecting our computers and printers, our home theatre systems and our phones. But as we visit our customers’ homes and offices, we still see tangled cords and cables as well as an array of devices competing to recharge at power outlets.

The volumes are staggering!

At last year’s Innovation Summit, Ben Green, Schneider Electric’s Director of Smart Home Spaces, announced Australian homes currently have an average of 17 connected devices. They include smartphones, tablets, watches, home theatre and sound systems, TVs, Fitbits, smart speakers, refrigerators and home energy usage monitors.

This astounding figure is expected to rise to 37 connected devices per household by 2022.

It’s a similar situation in the average office. In 2017 Small Business Trends reported the average employee uses 2.3 devices to complete work plus they’ll carry their own personal devices as well.

There is often a work smartphone, a private smartphone, a desktop or laptop computer and maybe a tablet as well. Plus a printer and possibly a VOIP desk phone.

No wonder there are cords and cables lying around everywhere!

There are dangers to this overload of technology, and we’re not talking about potential trip hazards – although they are important. Tangled cords can cause other problems too but there are solutions. Here’s what you need to know.

The electrical dangers of unruly power cords and cables

  1. A shortage of powerpoints or poorly positioned powerpoints can result in multiple extension cords connected together between a power outlet and a workstation. This can cause power overload resulting in tripped circuit breakers, blown circuits or worse, electrical fires.
  2. Tangled power cords are more likely to wear or fray which can give electric shocks.
  3. A tangle of family-owned devices can easily fall off benchtops and onto unforgiving tiled or hardwood floors creating a dent in the family budget.

The solution

There are all sorts of ways we can solve these problems for you. For example:

  1. Moving existing powerpoints
  2. Installing additional powerpoints
  3. Replacing a 2 gang powerpoint with a 4 gang outlet
  4. Installing Clipsal USB Chargers

Clipsal USB Chargers come in a variety of configurations from a single powerpoint and USB plug to a 3 Gang USB Charging Station. They are easy to install in bedrooms, kitchens and offices – in fact anywhere that is away from a heat source (like a microwave or kettle). When retro-fitting, all we need is an existing powerpoint.

If tangled power cords and device recharging cables are getting you down, we can fix it. Simply get in touch by calling 0418 442 578 or email

Show us your cables!

Do you have the worst tangle of power cords and cables in Sydney?

If you do, we want to see it.

Just send in your messiest cable photo and if we think it’s the worst in Sydney, we’ll help you by installing a USB powerpoint for free.

Don’t be embarrassed. We’re here to help.

To enter, simply send your photo to before 30 September along with your name and best contact phone number. The winner will be notified and a time arranged to come to your home or office.

Good luck.

Service Promise

We have 4 key service promises. Here’s one of them – We value your time.

Life’s busy and we understand how difficult it can be to wait around for a tradie so this is what we promise you:

  • We will give you a 2 hour window so you know when to expect us.
  • When we come to give you a quote, we’ll stay to do the work if you’d like to proceed. There’s no obligation so if you need some thinking time, we’ll be happy to come back another day.
Contact us today and let one of our qualified electrical technicians take care of you.
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