How to get the right light for your home office or kids’ study area

Shorter daylight hours means more time with the lights on. The right lighting in your kids’ study areas and/or your home office makes working easier and more comfortable. Importantly, it also helps to minimise the risk of eye strain.
Here are 5 tips to shed the right light in your home office or kids’ study area.

  1. For the brightest light, go for cool white globes.
  2. LED downlights are a great option because they have a wide beam which reflects light off your walls and cupboards.
  3. Wherever possible, position your downlights directly above the desk area.
  4. If you have shelves or cupboards above your desk, LED strip lighting kits are an ideal solution, thanks to their simple plug-in installation.
  5. Desk lamps are another way to shed extra light on your work. Just make sure you use LED globes to reduce the risk of overheating or burns. (Burns become an issue when the lamp is close to your skin – especially for your kids.)

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